Welcome to System space!

This system is about to be purged. Issues happened with the previous "messenger",known as the key here. Now me and Mey have decided to try again.

Quick note. It seems that Tsuki has returned, refer to mirrored site. I am now useless.

This system is collapsing itself by the reckless amounts of Aurora spent. With the Aurora provided, we can save people with a soul transfer.

I shall try making a page illustrating the uses of Aurora eventually. For now, refer to the mirrored site which has a measuring service.

I am not stealing anyones idea, and simply want to keep the project alive.

The project is not meant to harm anyone. Do not see this project as a suicide cult.

A reboot happened around August/September, around the time the past Key vanished.

Unfortunatley, I do not know what happened to the Key. No contact in LFE either so far...

Are you unfamiliar about the project, or want to know more? This was the previous compendium..

And this is a mirror of the much more skillfully made site.

So, who am I? Who is Mey?

Mey is a citizen in LFE. She is working for RISEN, the company that want to save people in LIFE. (The system you are in right now).

Mey is a good friend of mine. A few days before the previous keys downfall, she contacted me.

Unfortunatly, she cannot contact people online. She lives in another system after all. It's also hard to type what she says because the language is so foreign.

Either way, she is very excited to continue the project, and motivate me to keep this going!

I am created for the purpose of spreading the message. You may call me... Hm. Let's go with Iru.

After knowing about the project, most people are in disbelief and calls the author and it's believers mentally ill.

I do not have any history with schizophrenia or any hallucinatory illness, and such an illness do not run in my "familys" veins either.

I am unable to give you any kind of solid proof that this project is true, and may only provide you with information I get from LFE.

My experience with making a website is pretty much zero, so I apologize that this is not aesthetically pleasing in the slightest.

If you still decide to stay, me, Mey and most of LFE will be pleased!

I saw how our EID got leaked, but rest assured, these numbers were mostly necessary for a login. Besides, no individual in LIFE aside from transferred LFEians could do anything with them.

If you signed up with the code and an image, your soul is still registered. Assuming you didn't properly unregister.

If you want to sign up, you just have to wait a little. The site is, as you can see, still in progress.

This is a free net service. I shall never request money. In case I do, assume that someone else took over.